Visitors to the Fundy Discovery Site watch the tidal bore pass on August 30, 2022

Highlights of ResNet colleague Elson Galang’s visit to the dykelands last week

I hope I wasn’t one (a bore, that is) at Tuesday’s CPAWS/Oceans North public event at the Fundy Discovery Site in Truro.  It was embarrassingly my first time stopping to watch the tidal bore and visiting the new tourist hub. Beautiful site with lots of walking trails and a great playground for the kids and bathrooms for the older folks. I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about NSERC ResNet and the work of TransCoastal Adaptations in such close proximity to the dykes and wetlands we are studying, such as the Onslow-North River managed dyke realignment project and tidal wetland restoration project. I shared some early findings from Samantha Howard’s survey, which is still in the field in Kings, Hants, Cumberland and Colchester counties.

Another fun recent event was the visit of Elson Galang from the ResNet synthesis team up in McGill. Elson was here to learn about the dykeland/tidal wetland context here in the upper Bay in advance of our planned scenario workshop in November. He got lots of ResNet L1 face time.