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Opening Windows book done!

The final cover design.

It is exciting to be able to report that the edited volume that I’ve been working on since late 2020 with colleagues Glad Thondhlana and Doug Jackson-Smith will be coming out in a few months, part of the SNR Book Series published by Utah State University Press/University Press of Colorado. The book is the third in a series of decadal reviews of the field of natural resource social sciences (NRSS) (after this one in 2004, and this one in 2014) undertaken with the leadership of the International Association for Society and Natural Resources (IASNR). It is called Opening Windows: Embracing New Perspectives and Practices in Natural Resource Social Sciences, and features 15 chapters from dozens of authors around the world, including a number from Dalhousie (MES alum Bryanne Lamoureux, PhD candidate Yan Chen, MREM alum Polly Nguyen and my SRES colleague Melanie Zurba). The Dal team wrote a very cool synthesis of visual and arts-based methods for NRSS that included a typology and analysis of which methods were most associated with outcomes of empowerment. It was an honour to be asked to take the lead in developing this book, and I’m very excited to see it all come to a successful and on-time completion. There will be a book launch at the IASNR conference this June in Cairns, Australia, at which all registrants will receive e-book versions. I’ll be the one with a very big drink.

Feb 8 update: It’s off to the printer today!

Feb 23 update: Pre-orders are discounted -40% until May using the code SHER24 at

New role on NS Biodiversity Council

St. Andrews Marsh, May 21, 2018.

St. Andrews Marsh, May 21, 2018.

Today is the International Day for Biological Diversity, and I’m pleased to announce I was appointed to the new Biodiversity Council for Nova Scotia. The other members are Dr Donna Hurlburt (Aboriginal Advisor at Acadia University, Mi’kmaq ecologist, and conservation biologist), Dr. Graham Forbes (Professor at UNB), and Peter Oram (Senior Environmental Specialist at GHD). From the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announcement press release:

The goals of the Council are:

  1. Identify strategic priorities for work, including regulations, under a Biodiversity Act,
  2. Identify knowledge gaps and provide advice on using the ecosystem approach to biodiversity conservation and sustainable use,
  3. Advise on approaches and priorities for research, data gathering, and management,
  4. Make recommendations to the Minister on emerging and evolving biodiversity issues.


The Council’s work will include supporting the development of a Biodiversity Act, a project under the strategic priority “Our Natural Resources.” The purpose of the Act is to further enable Nova Scotia to improve the conservation and sustainable use of wild species and ecosystems in flexible and adaptive ways, address legislative gaps and manage emerging risks.

I’ve been working with DNR folks like Glen Parsons and John Brazner for years on social science about biodiversity conservation on farms, coasts and wetlands, and will be pleased to be of service.

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