Sunset from the Hayes Room

Ian, Fanny and I in the SRES Hayes Room, past 9 on a school night.

I’m just recovering today from a 2.5-day writing retreat with Ian Stewart (Kings/Dal) and Fanny Noisette (UQAR) for the upcoming deadline for the Transforming Coastal Action large research projects. We represent 3/4 of the co-lead team for TranSECT (Transformative adaptations to Social-Ecological Climate change Trajectories), which was called Cluster 3.3, inside the Promoting Just and Equitable Adaptation  domain of the original funding application. There were two unusually late nights, where I got to see what the grad students get up to in the suite when the rest of us go home, and now have a long list of to-dos. Thanks to Fanny and Ian for the productive time and great company.