Four scholars in a panel set up in front of Dalhousie banners.

Getting things going at the ODL event on April 20, 2023

Last night I joined Drs Anya Waite, Mike Smit and Will Burt (of Planetary) on an Open Dialogue Live session run by Dalhousie about Accelerating Ocean Research. Inspired by the university’s CFREF proposal Transforming Climate Action, we covered the wide range of oceans research being done at Dalhousie, and the kind of rich collaborations across disciplines that will be necessary to bring oceans and coasts into the climate change solution. The event was live-streamed on YouTube and is still available there for watching. I was glad to have a chance to mention the need for ‘electoral will’ to support the political will necessary to make difficult decisions in the face of big challenges, referencing the disappointing recent decision to send the long-awaited Coastal Protection Act back to ‘public consultation’ rather than forward to regulatory development. Thanks to my co-panelists for a fun and sometimes surprising evening.