Figure 4 in Jaric et al. (2023) shows ways of adapting to attention transience in conservation messaging, or mitigating it to reduce the transience.

A quick note to acknowledge the long-awaited open-access publication of Transience of public attention in conservation science, a commentary in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment lead-authored by Ivan Jaric. This is third of a series of papers I’ve joined with this interdisciplinary team of conservation scholars. As a social scientist on this team, I advocated for recognition of human cognitive limitations and the psychological burden that would be associated with attention persistence at scale. In this context, attention transience is really a way of coping with modern life without undue emotional toll. But it is shown that attention is a key input to conservation impact, so papers like this help conservation practitioners consider the causes of transience and choose humane and humanist ways to navigate it. Thanks to Ivan and the team for another fun collaborative experience.