Figure 2 in Jaric et al. (2002) conveying the causes and consequences of societal extinction of species

A new  Opinion paper with my European colleagues Ivan Jaric, Ricardo Correia and others is out today in Trends in Ecology and Evolution on the Societal extinction of species.  It is always fun and intellectually challenging to engage with this team of scholars on questions at the human-environment interface. Thanks to Ivan Jaric for his leadership and good humour in the face of mind-blowing track-changes!

**Update on February 26th to remark on the remarkable coverage this paper has received. One of the co-authors is tracking it and has found pieces in media, podcasts and blogs in English, French, Spanish, German, Vietnamese, Estonian, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Hebrew, Finnish, Chinese, Polish, Dutch, Romanian, and Lithuanian. Pages of links, far too many to post here. An example is this piece by GrrlScientist in Forbes Magazine. As of today, the paper is #12 of all papers ever in TREE journal based on Altmetrics.