In 1995 I was starting my BES Geography Honours year at the University of Waterloo, that bastion of career-driven students. A few of us were looking at our Geography program and feeling ill-prepared for the world, and convinced the generous Dr. Christian Dufournaud to help fill two of those gaps in one special topics course: Spatial Statistics in C+. It was a small, challenging class for we novice programmers, which Christian kindly eased at times with a post-class visit to the nearby Grad House pub. Through deep repetition, while C+ is long forgotten, the Moran’s I statistic for spatial autocorrelation has stayed put. And yesterday, when tireless and gifted teacher Jenny Palomino led us through the process of calculating spatial statistics (using Python as well as programs like GeoDa), I thanked Dr. Dufournaud for giving me a strong place to start from. It also reminded me of another great teacher in my life, Dr. David Lawson, who has recently died. My small New Brunswick school was lucky to have such a math teacher. Dr. Lawson’s gentle, clear and patient math instruction was to thank for my A in first year university calculus – the only one I got in that transitional year. Thank you, to all the good teachers.