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Month: April 2024

Halifax repeat photography

My final term project was on display in the NSCAD photography department for a week.

I always try to do some training during sabbatical, and this winter I took a digital photography course at NSCAD. This was designed to get me more familiar with handling and editing photographs in advance of some repeat photography work in Australia this summer. The class was a wonderful group of folks from a range of backgrounds, and we each tackled a final project that was displayed in the photography department for the week (see above).

My project was repeat photography of images I found in the Halifax Municipal Archives, allowing me to learn to combine old and new photographs from familiar sites around the city (see below for an example). The whole set can be found here. Thanks to Elena Cremonese at the Archives, and Rob Allen at NSCAD, for their support of this work. Also thanks to those of you on LinkedIn who answered the call when I couldn’t identify one of the photo sites.

Intersection of North and Chebucto, now and sometime maybe in the 60s? (Archival image 102-39-1-1276, Halifax Municipal Archives)

Congratulations Dr. Brackel

A quick note to congratulate Dr. Lieke Brackel on the successful defense of her TUDelft PhD dissertation, Brackish Waters: Integrating Justice in Climate Adaptation and Long-Term Water Management. Dr. Brackel used ethics frameworks to tackle how to deal with competing justice claims in climate adaptation planning, including managed retreat. I enjoyed reading the thesis and being a member of her examining committee, and thus being able to participate in another one of those wonderful Dutch events: the combination PhD examination and individualized graduation ceremony. Always stimulating as well as heart-warming.

In-person and remote examiners question Dr. Brackel, with the support of her two paranymphs.

Opening Windows has landed

Instagram post from the Faculty of Planning announcing the hard copies of Opening Windows arriving.

Thanks to the Faculty of Science Comms folks for recognizing the arrival of the hard copies of Opening Windows last week. This means the ~50 contributing authors worldwide are receiving theirs, too, and I hope they’re as proud as I am. Thanks to my co-editors, Doug Jackson-Smith and Glad Thondhlana, for the teamwork and IASNR for entrusting us with this important job of taking the pulse of our field and looking into its future!

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