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Citizen jury documentary

The short documentary from our October 2015 citizen jury on electrical futures in New Brunswick, led by Tom Beckley at UNB, is now available for viewing online. Another great product from the UNB Media Production team, who also did our Mactaquac Revisited houseboat tour video in 2013. The Energy Transitions team is looking forward to its next meeting at this year’s ISSRM in Houghton, Michigan, where I am co-convening a stream of 5 sessions on energy landscapes and transitions.

Falkland cultural coastal hotspots

One of the output maps from the cultural values mapping process to inform Marine Spatial Planning in the Falklands (map: Denise Herrera).

One of the output maps from the cultural values mapping process to inform Marine Spatial Planning in the Falklands (map: Denise Herrera).

The GIS results of the cultural values mapping work in the Falklands are now complete, as discussed recently on the SAERI blog. This participatory audit of cherished places in the Islands was undertaken by Denise Herrera, co-supervised by me and Dr Amelie Auge at SAERI, and will be used in the active Marine Spatial Planning process, demonstrating research impact as well as an opportunity to publish the novel analytical approach used.



New paper – farmer perception of wetland ecosystem services

An alternative Figure 2 for our new Ecological Economics paper

An alternative Figure 2 for our new Ecological Economics paper

Really pleased to see the paper from Simon Greenland-Smith’s MES on farmer perceptions of their farm ponds and wetlands out in the June 2016 issue of Ecological Economics. Simon did walkabout interviews with farmers around their wetlands and ponds, and coded the results using the ecosystem goods and services (EGS) framework popularized by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. He used novel approaches to ‘standardize’ farmer expression styles, and used the results to counter the results from economic valuations of wetlands from TEEB data (see above). Simon’s thesis was funded by my 2012 SSHRC Insight Development Grant on farmer stewardship of EGS in the face of climate change. He continues on in the lab leading our extension work on farm biodiversity, including managing BioLOG.

Lab scholarship news

Great news in this scholarship season for my group: Incoming MES applicant Farzana Karim and Ruoqian Wang both won Masters Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarships (NSGS; $10K p.a. renewable x 2), also held by second-year MES Yan Chen. Incoming Interdisciplinary PhD applicant Kate Thompson won a PhD-level NSGS ($15K p.a. renewable x 4). Beyond that, first-year MES Taylor Cudney has won a federal SSHRC graduate scholarship to support her second year ($17.5K). This is all great news for these well-deserving recipients, and for lab finances. Research in coastal climate adaptation, agricultural land fragmentation, urban ecosystem services, and energy landscape research are all getting a welcome boost. Brava to all.

Lab alumni news – new jobs

Very pleased to be able to share good news on new jobs for two recent lab alumni, Larissa Holman (MREM 2015) and Carlisle Kent (MREM/MLIS 2016). Larissa worked on the Mactaquac storymap in summer 2014, which was presented as a poster at ISSRM 2015 in Charleston as well as discussed recently in the NICHE newsletter. She has been on maternity leave since graduation but is starting a contract this month with the Ecology Action Centre working on daylighting a section of the Sawmill River running through Dartmouth. Carlisle has been working on contract doing bibliometrics and other secondary data analysis for the Reconciling Holistic Management project since her completion in December 2015. Immediately after finishing the contract with me at the end of this month, Carlisle will begin a contract with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, doing conservation records management as trained by the MLIS part of her Masters. There she will join past farm biodiversity lab alumna, Kate Goodale (MES 2013), now TRCA Coordinator for the Don & Highland Watersheds. Congratulations to Larissa and Carlisle both.


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