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Climate Change panel at the MacEachen Institute

Lofty company, indeed.

The fall speaker series for the MacEachen Institute for Public Policy and Governance has been announced, and I’m excited to be sharing the stage with some great minds on Oct 15th to talk about climate change adaptation policy in Atlantic Canada. Additional to a bio I was asked to provide an answer to “why does policy matter?”. I gave the shortest answer: “because empathy is failing us”.

ESRI Canada ‘App of the Month’

McNally's Ferry - erstwhile town and transportation infrastructure on the Saint John River, pre-Mactaquac Dam and today.

McNally’s Ferry – erstwhile town and transportation infrastructure on the Saint John River, pre-Mactaquac Dam and today.

Congratulations to MREM alum Larissa Holman, for news that our Before the Mactaquac Dam storymap was selected as ESRI Canada’s App of the Month for October (French version here).  Larissa worked with me back in 2015 supported by Energy Transitions (Parkins PI) SSHRC funding.  Larissa is now working with Ottawa Riverkeepers, and reports that her job:

… is a nice mix of keeping on top of projects, investigation work when someone reports pollution or odd activity on the river, working with some really wonderful and knowledgeable volunteers and the occasional canoe trip or boat ride out on the river.

A great alum story for a lovely fall day.

DHSI Atlantic a week well spent

I just finished a week at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, which Dalhousie was lucky to host this year thanks to some SSHRC funding. This was a spur-of-the-moment decision, faced with an underspend in my personal development allowance. The course was on Knowledge Mobilization and Digital Media, which is certainly not limited in relevance to the Humanities. In recent years I have been increasingly looking to ‘new media’ to provide useful summaries of scholarly work and other useful tools to the public. I’m not getting corporate money, but public, so this only seems fair. Yet it has been difficult to tell the story of how these connect to my scholarly work, and make them available in a centralized place. Our instructor for the week, Irish writer, publisher, and general digital media-whisperer James O’Sullivan, converted me to the art of self-curation after he recovered from his surprise at having me in the room (‘You mean you’re not a humanist?!’). This website was my first project, a welcome opportunity to convert my painfully compiled tenure package to a professional profile. Thanks, James and fellow students, for the learning and good humour. I hope this is able to be offered out east again.

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