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New paper – farmer perception of wetland ecosystem services

An alternative Figure 2 for our new Ecological Economics paper

An alternative Figure 2 for our new Ecological Economics paper

Really pleased to see the paper from Simon Greenland-Smith’s MES on farmer perceptions of their farm ponds and wetlands out in the June 2016 issue of Ecological Economics. Simon did walkabout interviews with farmers around their wetlands and ponds, and coded the results using the ecosystem goods and services (EGS) framework popularized by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. He used novel approaches to ‘standardize’ farmer expression styles, and used the results to counter the results from economic valuations of wetlands from TEEB data (see above). Simon’s thesis was funded by my 2012 SSHRC Insight Development Grant on farmer stewardship of EGS in the face of climate change. He continues on in the lab leading our extension work on farm biodiversity, including managing BioLOG.

Modified harvest extension video

Thrilled to release our first farm extension video in a planned series that is spinning off of our Biodiversity Landowner’s Guide work. Lab project manager Simon Greenland-Smith worked with local video producer Wonderlust on this 90-second piece about the benefits for farm biodiversity of modified harvesting practices: that is, changing the timing, equipment (flushing bars), mowing pattern and blade height to ensure animal survival. Subtitles are available in French.

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