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Welcome, Carolyn

Carolyn won’t be wielding any test tubes with us.

Great to have Carolyn Mann joining our sustainable grazing team, working remotely from Ottawa. Carolyn is finishing up her Masters at Dalhousie’s Agricultural Campus in parallel with this part time research contract. Her Masters sees her combining soil testing with farmer interviews about soil quality. She won’t be wielding any test tubes in her work with me, however. Carolyn will be launching the third stream of our Reconciling HM SSHRC project: talking to HM trainers to understand whether HM farmers are born, or made.  Welcome aboard.

Modified harvest extension video

Thrilled to release our first farm extension video in a planned series that is spinning off of our Biodiversity Landowner’s Guide work. Lab project manager Simon Greenland-Smith worked with local video producer Wonderlust on this 90-second piece about the benefits for farm biodiversity of modified harvesting practices: that is, changing the timing, equipment (flushing bars), mowing pattern and blade height to ensure animal survival. Subtitles are available in French.

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