I have just submitted a post-doc and PhD opportunity for Europeans from partner universities to come work with me in 2016 on multifunctional agriculture, ecosystem services and/or climate adaptation. The academic mobility funding scheme is Nova Domus, a four-year (2013-2017) trans-atlantic consortium under Erasmus Mundus. European partner universities include Bologna, Lund, Glasgow, Leuven and three in Barcelona. These fund six-month post-docs and ten-month PhD visits with travel, health cover, and stipend, all starting Jan-April 2016. Applications open June 15th and close in October. Please get in touch if you are interested in applying to this scheme, based on my statement of interest below.

I do research to understand the intersection of people, landscape and change. At the heart is my interest in improving the natural and cultural function and sustainability of human-modified landscapes (e.g. farms, cities, dam reservoirs, etc.), through understanding how perceptions and values of citizens and managers mesh with ecosystem service provision and trade-offs. The largest vein of my work is in multifunctional agricultural landscapes, towards which I have used quantitative and qualitative approaches to understand farmer landscape values and management in relation to habitat and biodiversity, and trends in global climate. I am interested in working with scholars who are similarly interested in interdisciplinary approaches to the above, using methods such as (but not limited to) decision analysis, statistical modelling, meta-analysis or quantitative surveys. Specific areas of interest include: linking habitat and ecosystem services to farm production and/or rural competitiveness; linking habitat restoration to climate adaptation; and, exploring cultural barriers and conduits for both.