It is a custom that we academics call the assemblage of people we work with a ‘lab’, though I think it conjures the wrong picture in my case. I work with a wonderful group of junior scholars, and I am proud of what we have done together, and their journeys beyond my lab.

I am always happy to hear from those interested  in working with me. I have funding for several projects

Currently, I am working with (supervising or co-supervising) the following people, at Dalhousie unless otherwise mentioned:

Lab alumni include:

Thesis students (and their paths beyond)

Interns and non-program Research Assistants:

  • Rachel Cadman, worked on systematic literature review on the HM project between her MREM and her IDPhD, spring/summer 2019
  • Camille Caesemaecker, Visiting student from Agrocampus Ouest, France, interned fall 2018 as part of Master of Science in Agronomic Engineering working on mapping dykeland values using Instagram
  • Carolyn Mann, research associate 2017-2018, Systems thinking and training in holistic grazing management – heading off to be an NRCan Policy Analyst
  • Sarbpreet Singh, MREM intern summer2018, Rotational grazing and climate discourse in producer magazines
  • Taylor Cudney, Research assistant 2015-2017, Energy exposure and attitudes, now Nova Scotia Department of Energy
  • Mhari Lamarque, MREM intern summer 2016, research associate 2017-, Assessing outreach and education at Ducks Unlimited Canada – Mhari and I are still working together on program evaluation work (e.g Wood Turtle Strides) and other things
  • Jingwen (June) Qin, Mitacs Globalink intern summer 2016, Social media analysis of urban landscape use and preferences by Chinese students.
  • Carlisle Kent, MREM/MLIS intern summer 2015, research associate 2016, Holistic grazing management: scientometrics and rhetoric – Senior Records Analyst at the Town of Richmond Hill
  • Ruoqian (Joy) Wang, Mitacs Globalink intern summer 2015, Using Google Earth to assess scattered tree patterns in Australia – she has returned for an MES with Karen Harper on forested wetland dynamics
  • Larissa Holman, MREM intern summer 2014, Hydroelectric dam removal: science and visualization using storymapsRiverWatch Coordinator
  • Logan Loik, MREM intern summer 2014, Climate adaptation options in Nova Scotia dykelands using Q-methodRiverWatch Interpretive Guide
  • Christiane Verstraten, MREM intern summer 2011, Farmer perceptions of wetlands – a photo-elicitation study – Program Coordinator at the Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners and Operators Association
  • Jillian Baker, MREM intern fall 2011, research associate 2012, Schools-based climate change education – a pilot using art to teach and assess – Cheticamp River Salmon Association Program Manager