It is a custom that we academics call the assemblage of people we work with a ‘lab’, though I think it conjures the wrong picture in my case. I work with a wonderful group of junior scholars, and I am proud of what we have done together, and their journeys beyond my lab.

I am generally happy to hear from those interested  in working with me. Masters spots are currently full for 2021. This may change as funding announcements occur. 

Currently, I am working with (supervising or co-supervising) the following people, at Dalhousie unless otherwise mentioned:

  • Yan Chen, IDPhD candidate, Image-based culturomics for social impact assessment (co-supervised with Mike Smit, Dal School of Information Management), 2018-
  • Bernard Soubry, PhD candidate (Oxford), Climate Resilience on Maritime Farms (co-supervised with Thomas Thornton, Oxford/UAlaska Southeast), 2017-
  • Kate Thompson, IDPhD candidate, Operationalizing ES in Urban Planning (co-supervised with Peter Duinker, SRES), 2016-
  • Mehrnoosh Mohammadi, MES candidate, energy transitions in amenity wine landscapes, 2019-
  • Gardenio da Silva, MES candidate, social impact assessment of hydroelectricity, 2019-
  • Emily Wells, MES candidate, Mi’kmaw ecosystem services in Bay of Fundy dykelands and tidal wetlands, 2020-


Postdoctoral Fellows:



Thesis-based Masters:

Honours thesis

  • Samantha Howard, Environmental Science Honours, public perceptions of flood risk mapping, 2020-21
  • Andrew Willms, Environmental Science Honours, human-bear conflict in Nova Scotia, 2020-21

Non-thesis Interns and non-program Research Assistants: