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Citizen jury documentary

The short documentary from our October 2015 citizen jury on electrical futures in New Brunswick, led by Tom Beckley at UNB, is now available for viewing online. Another great product from the UNB Media Production team, who also did our Mactaquac Revisited houseboat tour video in 2013. The Energy Transitions team is looking forward to its next meeting at this year’s ISSRM in Houghton, Michigan, where I am co-convening a stream of 5 sessions on energy landscapes and transitions.

Storymap coverage by NiCHE

Larissa Holman's NiCHE piece on our storymap Before the Mactaquac Dam.

Larissa Holman’s NiCHE piece on our storymap Before the Mactaquac Dam.

I was pleased this week to learn that Dalhousie MREM graduate Larissa Holman, who was a summer intern with the Energy Transitions in Canada project, has a piece about her Mactaquac storymap in an online publication by NiCHE (Network in Canadian History and Environment). The article, Does This Dam Have a Future?, recounts the process of creating the storymap and the role that it was designed to play in the ongoing public consultation process around the New Brunswick dam’s future.

Cultural values of Falkland coasts

Header of the piece in Penguin News on Denise Herrera's cultural values mapping work.

Header of the piece in Penguin News on Denise Herrera’s cultural values mapping work.

Denise Herrera has just returned from ‘Camp’ (countryside) of the Falkland Islands, with data from thirty interviews with residents about what coastal areas they value and why. Denise is a research assistant for the cultural values mapping element of the Darwin Plus-funded Marine Spatial Planning¬†project run by Dr Amelie Auge. I’m helping out on methods and interpretation. She’ll compile those locations and classifications into a map to include in the planning for marine conservation areas in the Falklands. Denise¬†is now looking for participants in the main town of Stanley, and has advertised for participants via a full-page story on her work in the local weekly, Penguin News.

Citizen Jury results out

Word cloud based on statements from participants after the energy 'crash course' and before deliberation.

Word cloud based on statements from participants after the energy ‘crash course’ and before deliberation.

On Sunday, 12 New Brunswickers deliberated based on a ‘crash course’ on energy the day before, and settled on what they hoped for a 2040 energy mix for the province. This was part of the NB Electrical Energy Futures Jury that culminated data collection in our energy transitions research project funded by SSHRC in 2012. The mix is described in a letter to the Minister of Energy and Mines for New Brunswick, and is now the subject of a press release by UNB. Organizer and colleague Prof Tom Beckley spoke to CBC Fredericton about it on Wednesday morning.


NB Power CEO Gaetan Thomas gestures towards the visualizations for the three Mactaquac options, including the ‘removal’ option, which seems to remove not only the dam and its headpond, but all other infrastructure and trees as well.

Monday NB Power announced its public engagement process related to the Mactaquac Dam decision (rebuild, decommission, or remove). Five public meetings are planned in the region for a nine-day period in October, all mid-week or I’d be heading up, and they also have an online survey for people to share their opinions and values. They have also released a few draft reports for comment, including the frugally scoped and costed Social Impact Comparative Review undertaken by Dillon who is also doing the First Nations engagement (no reports yet available on that). This is all a very tightly constrained process and I will watch with interest how it proceeds and how (if) the resulting data is synthesized and used.

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