This research is part of a national collaborative study concerned with the social aspects of energy transitions, specifically how values, perceptions and knowledge among citizens drive their preferences and decision-making. It is funded by a SSHRC Insight Grant to John Parkins (PI) at the University of Alberta, with me and Tom Beckley (UNB) as co-applicants. My particular interest has been around hydroelectric landscapes, but I have also been peripherally involved in the Q-method, NB citizen jury  and national survey elements discussed more on our Energy Transitions in Canada project website. Now we are digging into the national energy survey to find relationships between exposure to energy installations and support for the respective technology.

Research trainees

Taylor Cudney is an MES candidate, funded by the Dalhousie SRES Godsoe Scholarship and SSHRC, who is working on the relationship between exposure to energy infrastructure and support (or not) of such techologies, drawing on the 2014 national survey data.