I am an Associate Professor in the School for Resource and Environmental Studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the far east coast of Canada. I am currently on sabbatical, but still work with some of our thesis-based Master of Environmental Studies and our internship-based Master of Resource and Environmental Management students. I am cross-appointed in Dalhousie’s College of Sustainability and its Environmental Science Program. I teach about research and decision-making methods such as GIS and qualitative data analysis. My Dalhousie page provides contact details, and – as this page focuses just on research I lead – my full publication history can be viewed at ResearchGate or Google Scholar.

I do a spatially enabled and enriched social science that seeks to understand the intersection of people, landscape and change. At the heart is my interest in improving the natural and cultural function and sustainability of human-modified landscapes (e.g. farms, cities, dam reservoirs, etc.), through understanding how citizens and managers perceive and value those landscapes, and influencing those perceptions via formal and informal education and engagement. In doing so, I use spatial and visual methods: spatial analysis, landscape visualization, social network analysis, and/or interviews and focus groups undertaken in situ, or using photos or maps as prompts for conversation. I combine qualitative and quantitative methods in most of my work, and enjoy collaborating with scientists in problem-based studies, linking our work through common places, case studies and stakeholder engagement processes. I also rarely stop with research: most projects involve outreach. For instance, I collaborate on farmer extension, help design school curricula, and present to policy-makers, using conventional methods (information sheets, lesson plans) and new media (online videos, web sites).

If you think we have common interests, please get in touch. If you are looking at papers I’ve co-authored and are wondering what the position of my name in the authorship list reflects about my general engagement in the material, read this note on authorship.