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Black Lives Matter

Rodney Small, a great man and citizen of Halifax, saw the worst of it at 15 and works to make things better every day.

Rodney Small, a great man and citizen of Halifax, saw the worst of it at 15 and works every day to make things better.

Logging on today, despite the call to #ShutDownAcademia, to post a link to  a short documentary about Rodney Small, a man I’m proud to know. He was a standout mature student in my early years at Dalhousie, when I taught the first year environmental requirement into the Bachelor of Management program.  I’m horrified to learn from this documentary and elsewhere that he was a victim of police brutality and wrongful arrest at the age of 15 in Halifax. He survived, he fought, he won, and thank goodness: Halifax needs him.  Black lives matter.

Getting kinda good at this


I award a symbolic Master’s to Jessica Kern in the digital SRES graduation ceremony today (virtual skirts are the only kind I have).

The last week saw a bunch of firsts that showed me that we’re all getting pretty good at this online thing. An online graduation ceremony was held this afternoon for our amazing SRES graduates (MREM and MES); what a delight to see everyone again. A three-day retreat held last week for ResNet was similarly effective and downright fun. While the transition wasn’t easy, and of course the reason a real drag, I feel like we may have found some new ways of doing things that have some real benefits.

One of a few screens of faces for ResNet’s first AGM and online retreat.



We live in interesting times. We are learning what is possible when we are threatened by a proximate and acute threat: what we need and what we can do without, and that the social contract is not dead. I hear that people working on COVID-19 are having virtual meetings to solve it, unlike climate scientists who have been flying around to solve climate change (the phrase f%*king for virginity comes to mind). We are also learning, many of us, that we are truly the lucky ones: in jobs that can be done remotely, with tenure, in places with strong health systems and public safety nets. Kudos to all who are working to minimize the impacts of these uncertain times for the unlucky. Be well.

Big week in the lab

Bernard Soubry talking about his work at the Earth Negotiations Bulletin at SRES Talks, October 12, 2019.

Bernard Soubry talking about his work at the Earth Negotiations Bulletin at SRES Talks, October 12, 2019.

Exciting week in the Sherren lab. IDPhD student Yan Chen expertly sat her first comp on Monday, covering her literature review on ‘media as social sensors’. Ellen Chappell crossed the stage Tuesday with her MES, and I got to meet her charming (and proud) parents visiting from Calgary for the event. Wednesday I pressed the submit button on my new SSHRC Insight Grant application to further develop ‘climax thinking‘. On Thursday, new MES Gardenio da Silva was honoured with other Killam scholars at the annual awards lunch. Amidst all that PhD student Bernard Soubry has been visiting from Montreal and did a great presentation Tuesday in Graduate Seminar for me on his reciprocal approach to interviewing farmers, and will speak later today in a SRES Talk on his work with the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. Busy times, but this is what it is all about.

Where is the grant shop?

By cartoon wunderkind, Eleanor Couper (10).

By cartoon wunderkind, Eleanor Couper (10).

I’m weepingly proud of this cartoon my daughter made today. This is what happens when academic Mum stays home from a family vacation to write a grant proposal. There’s a sting in it, of course, like all good comedy but it’s very funny, too. I love the conflict around female roles here. Future’s so bright…

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