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Soubry Editorial on COVID and Canadian food systems

A picture of Bernard Soubry farming I found floating around the web.

A picture of Bernard Soubry farming I found floating around the web.

Impressed by an editorial written for the Chronicle Herald by my PhD student Bernard Soubry, who has taken time from his final writing process to return to farm labour here in Nova Scotia. The editorial, COVID-19 shows what’s wrong with how Canada feeds itself, is a passionate and well-informed hit on Canada’s food system and dearth of adaptation plans. He writes:

But here’s a truth that researchers and rural communities have known for a long time: the food system in Canada doesn’t have a problem because of COVID-19. The food system is the problem.

On August 6, Bernard spoke to CBC Halifax’s Information Morning about his editorial; you can listen to that here.

RISD Invited Lecture

Nice to see the advertisement out over the Listservs for the winter session of talks and symposia at the Nature-Culture-Sustainability Graduate program of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). I will be appearing with UMinnesota’s Simi Kang for A Conversation about People and Landscapes on April 22nd, Earth Day. This is one of those slow burn invitations. I met the Program Director, Jonathan Highfield, at a conference in Honolulu back in the mid-2000s when I was doing my PhD. Lesson: you never know where a good sushi meal will lead.

REVISED MARCH 4th: My attendance has been cancelled on account of concern around Covid-19 and suggestions to reduce non-essential travel. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it another time. 

Atlantic Voice documentary

I had forgotten about my interview with local journalist Moira Donovan until an email from a colleague alerted me that the documentary she produced for CBC’s Atlantic Voice aired this morning. The short (26 minute) documentary is called Breaching Tradition, and does a nice job of telling the story of the challenges facing Bay of Fundy dykelands. Collaborators Danika van Proosdij (SMU) and Tony Bowron (CBWES) are featured as well, and several residents of areas like Nappan and Advocate Harbour whose communities and livelihoods are threatened. Donovan also put together a CBC news article by the same name: Breaching tradition: Salt marshes replacing Nova Scotia’s dikes. This is the setting and challenging management context for the case study I am co-leading in a new 5-year national NSERC project called ResNet.

Bernard on CBC Info Morning

Nice to hear my co-supervised PhD student Bernard Soubry on CBC Halifax’s Information Morning today, talking about what the new IPCC report on Land Use and Climate Change means for farming in Nova Scotia. He drew on his interviews with farmers and other food system experts across the Maritimes over the past few years. The clip is here.

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